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Thursday, March 11, 2010

shaving cream

My bird is a sensory seeker. She loves feeling things and really getting the sensation of feelings things. She craves that input. Today she played with some shaving cream. I put down one of those plastic mats that we used to "catch" foods that were thrown off of her high chair, then I grabbed a puzzle and sprayed shaving cream all over her hands and the puzzle. Then, I let her go to work. Because the feelings are so intense for her, she tends to lose language when she's engaging in something tactile. That's okay for now. I want her to get the input she needs now, so she can focus better later. 


Deann Reusche said...

Totally agree with not worrying about her talking during sensory. You don't want to push too much stimulation during a task that is already intensified. Will she allow someone to work next to here while playing in the shaving cream?? You, or that other person may be able to interact with her in that way without intruding too much. And let me tell you, the most favorite activity I have with my students is shaving cream! It's so much fun, and can be educational too. (ie puzzles, spelling, numbers....) Great work mom!

My name is Erin. said...

Abby hates having anything on her hands. She is starting to self-soothe out loud lately. Saying things to herself like, "It's ok, Abby. It's just yogurt."

Dani G said...

Erin, have I told you what Little Bird says when she's crying?? "Oh no! What happened? Are you ok? It's ok! I'm here." Exactly what she hears from me! So, it's a script, but it's self soothing :)

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