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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reality Bites. And Sucks.

I had one of those "flashes of reality" moments today. She's five years old and this is really, really, really hard. What's it gonna be like when she's eight, seventeen, twenty three? I'm thinking it will be harder. One of the things that gets me through these days is the thought that this cold be temporary and will possibly pass. But, I know it's not really gonna pass. I mean, of course the little things will pass: she'll probably talk more, gain some self-help skills like dressing herself, using the toilet herself, etc but the big stuff isn't going away. I'd be a fool to think it is. This is possibly (likely?) it. Reality sucks. Or is it Reality Bites. You know what? It's both.  Denial, could you please come back now? Quick, someone remind me of a story of a kid you know who has made tremendous amounts of progress and/or is mainstreamed, lives on his/her own, etc. Someone give me a big, tall glass of hope because this lump in my throat is getting hard to swallow today.

Where the F are those windmills and tulips in "Holland" anyway? 


Penny said...

I've hit turbulence - illness sets us back a lot. I understand.

Dani, my girl is on the road to becoming independent - and I doubt she'll *ever* be mainstreamed at school. She does not learn that way - and there are times when I dream of her going to school, and times I accept the reality that she's not cookie-cutter school material.

Don't let the turbulence get in the way - it's temporary. I need to remind myself of that, too.

Heather said...

Perfectly said and perfectly understood....I struggle with this so much... what I want his future to be, what I dream his future to be is most likely not what it's gonna be...it's good to be positive and hopeful but we, as parents, really need to be realistic sometimes too- and that just sucks

Deann Reusche said...

As she gets older there are different agencies that will help with option of housing and such. There is a big program now that pairs 2 people up to live in an apartment together, there is then a daily program guide that comes in and directs the people on daily living, grocery shopping, paying bills...etc. Just think, if thats happening now, what things will be like in 15-20 years when she is old enough. Just take one day at a time and God will worry about the rest.

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