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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today I'm feeling like that little kitty cat on those old motivational posters.
 Trying so hard to hang in there, and looking SO cute while doing it.

Penny's use of the word turbulent in the comments of my last post was perfect. It really did put something into perspective. When I think of turbulence I think of airplanes. I hate flying. I know it's because I'm not in control. Just like I'm not in control here. But, when I am on a plane and the turbulence hits, I know it will pass... eventually. I know things will get smooth again. The bumpiness probably lasts a very short amount of time, but really, it feels like forever. 

I'm having a really rough time right now because Little Bird is WAY out of whack. Her brain is working so fast and she can't seem to slow it down: "hi mommy, i love you mommy, dazzleberry lemonade, the pitcher was empty now its full mommy, elmo's mommy takes him to school, lets go library, lets go bookstore, we went to the bookstore, i want drink juice, can I have juice please?" Yes, all that is in one breath. It's hard to keep up. Her sensory system is so completely disregulated. She's not sleeping well, not eating well, there's so much flapping, and she's suddenly (last 3 weeks) plugging her ears. No, it's not an ear infection. I've checked. Twice. She's throwing tantrums and it's harder and harder to get her "back". 

This is rough. It's probably especially rough because we had a few amazing weeks. We were up, now we're down. I guess that you've gotta ride the lows so you can really appreciate the highs, right? Or gotta have the rain before you see the rainbow? Great, now I really DO sound like a motivational poster. 


Penny said...

I feel that way, too, Dani. The pollens of spring may be wreaking havoc with both our girls right now. Mine is scripting again and I don't think she can stop herself. And dysregulated.

Today, we went to the mall after a lunch together at Steak N Shake. We had a wonderful time - she was regulated, she kept up with me, and I had to do little-to-no work for her on sharing attention, shifting attention. She even tried on TWO dresses for me. (That is a miracle.)

My girl has been complaining about headaches almost every day for two weeks. I ask "where?" and "Point to where it hurts." It's always on the front of her face. Sinus pressure and pain.

And I give her Motrin - yes, me, the meds-as-a-last-resort mom, won't let her walk around in pain with a sinus headache. Motrin helps.

I hope to talk to one of the doctors at the biomed conference about it all.

I have a lecture (somewhere) of Kelly Dorfman talking about how pollen in spring is a factor in regressive-looking behaviors, the stuff I referred to as turbulence.

Penny said...

I feel like that cat sometimes, too.

Dani G said...

So interesting about the pollen because I feel like this all started 2 days after she broke out in hives after playing at the park. Glovinsky has mentioned Kelly Dorfman's name to me before. I think I might spend a little time this afternoon googling...

Mommy Drinks Because You Cry said...

Stopping by from SITS.
You sound overwhelmed. Very overwhelmed. I wish I could write something eloquent and not sound like a complete ignorant ass here but the best I can come up with is, drum roll please…. Your daughter is very lucky because you sound like a very strong person. Thanks all I got.

Penny said...

Dani, if I can find the DVD, you may borrow it if you like...

Heather said...

You know, I think this spring theory really has something to it- you know that my own guy has been regressing and then I just talked to another Mom whom I haven't seen in a while and her son has been slipping as well.

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