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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Going Viral

Took her to the pediatrician today, praying for an ear infection, strep throat, anything to explain the weird, stimmy, scripty, hyper, fussy behavior. The doctor in the practice that we like best (shout out to JC!) wasn't there, so we saw a doc we haven't seen since last summer. First of all, no ear infection, no strep, but he did confirm one of my hopes: a little virus. Last week the bird broke out in hives and then the next day she had massive diarrhea. Funny story, she had massive diarrhea (in her pants) and as I walked her to the bathroom,  with every step, more and more came out of the bottom of her pants. There was a trail on the way to the bathroom. It was awesome. Anyway, looks like it was a little virus that's still hanging on. I'm really, really, really hoping I can blame all the crazy behavior and "turbulence" (thanks Penny!) on a little virus.

Whatever. My most compelling reason to post something tonight is that this particular doctor (who we haven't seen in 9 months), was pretty impressed with the bird. He said this was "the most interactive he'd ever seen her." Hmmm... and this was NOT a good day, she was super duper stimmy in that office, and just plain old 'off'.  I felt better for the rest of the day. Still going on the assumption that this is temporary and she'll be "back" soon. Real soon. (please please please please please please please please!!!!)


My name is Erin. said...

Abby was in Detroit visiting her Grandma last night. I had two quiet work days by myself at home. They made it home just at the end of my work day and as soon as they hit the silence of the house... SCREAMING at the top of her lungs! So loud and so hard the she was almost hyperventilating. She kept screaming, "My kite! My kite!" (a diamond shaped piece of paper with a ribbon taped to it) and even though she had two, count 'em, TWO, kites in her hand, they weren't the right ones. There was no easing back into parenthood and a full house, just BAM! We're home.

I'm sorry Little Bird isn't feeling well. Which in turn pretty much means you're not feeling well. I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted. I can't even bring myself to blog, because if I have to stare at this computer screen for one more minute, my eyes might melt in their sockets.


Acting Balanced Mom said...

Hoping that when the virus clears that you have your sweet little bird back... Liam did have an ear infection last week and it nearly did me in... because the meds caused more issues... and now we look forward to the ENT visit to check everything else... but he was back to school and therapy yesterday and is almost his sweet self again, so I'm thinking that the viral thing has merit... just hoping it passes quickly for you... btw - I'm linking back to several of the blogs I read today on my site (no awards, just a link...) and I'm linking to yours...

Dani G said...

@ABM: Let me know when and where you link. I'll brag about it :)

Make sure Liam is getting probiotics now that he's off the meds. Gotta replace the good bacteria that they meds killed of!!

JoeyRes said...

That trip to the bathroom does not sound fun! I hope she's back to normal soon. I think they have no other way to tell us they're feeling bad other than to act weird.

Dani G said...

@JoeyRes: what's worse is that I realized that her laces were double knotted. So I really had to get in there with my fingernails to get them undone. UGH!!

Anonymous said...

Shit and green beans under the nails! That's motherhood... Mom

Dani G said...

So, in case anyone wants to know where my eloquence comes from... please see the above comment.

(Yep, that's my mama!)

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