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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Reason #4080 that I'm so happy to be getting my car back today after 3 weeks of it being in the shop following a pretty icky car crash: I don't think Little Bird can reach the door handle from her seat in my car.

I've been driving Greg's car. It's a lot smaller than mine. Little Bird "fits" in it differently. I learned this the hard way. There we were pulling out of a strip mall parking lot (I live in the suburban midwest, so yes, this strip mall had a Bed, Bath and Beyond, a Michaels, an Old Navy, a Marshalls, and a Borders) and making a left turn into traffic. Midway through the turn, I hear a little "ding!" indicating that a door was either not closed all the way, slightly ajar, or opened completely by the five year old in the back seat. You guess which one it was in my case. Yep! Awsome. If you've spent any time reading this blog, you know I'm pretty cool under pressure. Pulled into the middle turn lane, threw the car in park, hit the hazards and climbed over the seat to slam the door shut. It wasn't until we were safely back on the road that I very calmly (yeah right) shouted, "DO NOT TOUCH THE DOOR!!"

I can't WAIT to get my car back...


Ellen said...

Eeek!!! And, I can totally see my five-year-old doing that. She has actually been threatening me with things along those lines. Like today, she got mad and said, "I am going to go ride my bike in the street and I'm NOT going to care if a car comes!" Oy.

It is so nice to connect with you! Little Bird is adorable. I think Max would crush on her.

Anonymous said...

That is the reason why I flipped the little switch on the inside of the door so Sam can't open it. It is "childproof"--see if Greg's can be, too! :-)

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