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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Die, die-off, die!

"See the luck I've had
can make a good man turn bad.
So please please please
let me get what I want.
Lord knows it would be the first time."
-The Smiths

I look good today. Clean, curled hair. Make-up hiding stress-induced acne. Pretty cashmere sweater. Drop earrings that my Auntie Madelyn gave me a few years ago (still love them!). Plus, I look thin today- always a plus. I just wish that my insides would match my outsides. I'm miserable today. My kid is making me crazy. She's so whacked out. Super stimmy (flap, flap, spin, head shaking), very scripty. Incredibly flitty, totally disregulated, and way too hyper. Also, she's already had two accidents today. Wait, do we still call them accidents if she's not technically toilet trained? I mean, she averages 1 pee-in-the-pants a day (sometimes none, sometimes twice); she often tells me when it's time to go and she's just started to be able to go in the bathroom on her own. Still, she's peed twice already. Thank g-d for the SpotBot carpet cleaner. Needless to say, I'm having a rough day.

It's just occurred to me that with the increase in her probiotics (ther-biotic complete), she's probably having some die-off symptoms. I've given her Epsom Salt baths every day for the past 2 weeks (especially since she was just on a round of flagyl), to try to keep all die-off symptoms at bay. I'm trying. I'm trying so hard to make this easier on all of us. I'm not having any luck. This is a really hard day.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow night when my husband will come home after being gone for 2 weeks. It's hard. It's even harder to do on my own. And I feel really, really, really on my own. And with that, I'm off to a big carnival/fundraiser with the Bird to raise $$$ for her inclusion program. Initiate fake, happy, enthusiastic smile. And away we go...


Anonymous said...

This installation makes me sad. It kills me that you are so far from me, and feel so alone. Not something a Mom wants to hear. Wish we lived closer to each other these days, and I could pick up some of the slack for you. All we can do is "visit" each other. So sad...(lower lip protruding). Love ya, Mom

Penny said...

Sounds like STREP, too. You might want to get a throat swab...

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