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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


"There's only four seasons and this one's almost gone"
-Joe Purdy

Seems like Winter's coming to a close. I know it isn't officially Spring until March 21st, but the snow is melting and swings are just asking for a push. So, we headed over to the park yesterday. I often curse my camera for being just a nanosecond too late, but somehow I caught this shot just in time...

Even though Little Bird has been so stimmy and scripty lately, she's also very connected and very engaged. Maybe that's why I'm getting better pictures of her lately. We're all having no trouble engaging her, but keeping her is a bit harder. If you're a member of our world, you might understand that she opens circles all the time, but she's gone and on to the next thing before I even get a chance to close them. It's like her brain is working too fast! Gotta find a way to slow it all down, help her organize it all. I think I'll figure that out tomorrow...


Heather said...

Thank you for your kind and perfect response to my "woe is me" post today! Just what I needed to hear.

The circles comment made me laugh because we hadn't heard that language here in awhile- but just today bri was lying on the couch and kept pulling my head to his belly so I could blow raspberries and he'd look at me and laugh each time. I started counting the "circles" in my head- and found it funny that even though we haven't really talked about it that way how much it just stays in your head!

Hope your little Bird starts elongating those circles soon :)

Jessica Gaynes said...

Brodie is such a cutie; her smile just melts my heart. Really.

My name is Erin. said...

We had Abby's parent-teacher conference last night and that's one of the things they said she is still really struggling with. Maintaining focus. Just going, going, going.

People remark on how much energy she has by asking, "Where does she get all that energy?

She is sucking it from me. I'm convinced.

Anonymous said...

Very nice edge blur. Respect. Oh, and the subject is nice too :-)

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