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Monday, February 8, 2010

It's Lemonade!!!

"Sunrise over troubled waters"
-Fiction Family

Alright, so something happened the other day and it took me a day or so to recognize its importance. It was a busy day, as usual.  We had just come home after an hour of OT and a half hour of speech. I think there were about 15 minutes before another play/speech therapist was due at my front door. I was trying to get laundry out of the machine and into the dryer, then repeat the trend with another load or four. I was also trying to clean up the leftover pancakes (GFCF) on the table from breakfast- this was around 3:20pm by the way. My point is: I was busy. Little Bird started asking for demanding apple juice. "I want drink juuuuuuuice." I ran to the fridge, poured a little something into her cup, headed over to the filtered water to fill up the rest of the cup. I deliver the goods and continue with my endless list of chores. Then I hear it: "Oh NO! It's lemonade!" I guess in all the chaos (in my mind) I poured her lemonade instead of apple juice! This seems like an ordinary, boring story. But wait, there's more!!

It later hit me that this was actually a big deal. She expected apple juice, tasted lemonade, and then told me about it. The fact that she now has the tools to tell me what's going on is HUGE. See, a kid who can't express herself is likely to just scream. And I'm talking SCREAM. Then I'd run around guessing what the problem could possibly be: are you ok? did you hurt yourself? did you bite your tongue? tummy ache? are you tired? hungry? This could go on and on all the while with a screaming kid. When really, all that was going on was that I accidentally poured lemonade instead of apple juice. 

So, this post is about progress; seeing progress and having a little gratitude. It doesn't mean that she doesn't scream when she can't find the words and/or cannot express her frustrations, because trust me this kid can scream her freaking socks off. But it does mean that there's progress and that she's gaining tools. And that's a very good thing.
jumping up and down on her basement trampoline


My name is Erin. said...

I totally bawled reading this! That's HUGE! And so exciting! Way to go, Brodie! And, my God, can I relate to the screaming. For the first 3 years of Ab's life, I felt as if I might go crazy from all the screaming. We still hear it too, but it makes the words so much more sweet.

It's Lemonade!!! Hooray!!!


Jessica Gaynes said...

the "Oh No! It's lemonade!" post was just brilliantly insightful and inspiring. I totally get this. Thank you for sharing the experience. xo

Ellen said...

I totally get how significant this is, too. All the stuff that seems so small to other people is BIG to us.

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