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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hero Next Door

I've told you before about my friend Victoria Strong, her husband Bill, and their little girl Gwendolyn. They're all fighting to raise awareness about SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), and trying to find a cure. We really are so close to a cure for SMA and when we get there, I hope Bill and Victoria will be able to recognize just how much they played a part in such a miracle. They're heros. So, let's honor them as such. You can go to THIS webpage, vote for Victoria as a hero next door. She's got a shot to win $5000 that would go straight to finding a cure for SMA. So go vote NOW. I'll wait here. Go. 
Oh, and when you're done, check out the Strong Family's website at GwendolynStrong.com


My name is Erin. said...

Done! : )

P.S. Keenan fell asleep holding the Super Brodie card the other night. I wonder what adventures he was imagining for her as he fell asleep.

Anonymous said...

Done! :)
Jenn Goldenberg

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