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Saturday, February 27, 2010

gifts from the gifts in my life

"All together now"
-The Beatles

I've dedicated about 90% of this blog to how much Autism and having a kid with special needs sucks. Here's one of those "other 10%" posts. 
Having a kid with special needs has brought into my life some absolutely amazing people. I've made amazing friends sitting in therapy center waiting rooms, special needs, chat rooms, early intervention programs, etc. There are some moms who have kids like mine who have become MY girls. These women are stunning and I'd never have gotten the chance to know them if it wasn't for Autism. These are people who love me and love my kid for who we really are.

There are others who have come into our lives because of the whole special needs thing who don't really interact with me as much as they do with Little Bird. The freaking love my kid. It's true that every time she's going to start working with someone new, I warn them: you're going to fall in love with this kid. And they do. They all do.

I've talked about it many times before, but Little Bird participates in some amazing programs at Friendship Circle where typical teens are paired up with kids with special needs. Little Bird's volunteer is a fabulous teen named Marni. I swear, I don't know how we got so lucky to have such an awesome volunteer (but between us, and the rest of the interwebs, ALL the teen volunteers at FC are ridiculously fab). Marni went to Israel last week and brought back a little something for my bird:
Super cute! 
Front: someone who loves me very much went to Israel and got me this t-shirt.
The back of the shirt says my bird's name in Hebrew. LOVE it!!!

A couple days ago, Little Bird's advocate (shadow/paraprofessional) at school gave me something very special as well. It's a beautiful kanga that she brought back from Kenya. 

Each kanga carries a message on it, and this one says, 
"ee mungu nipe uvumilivu" which means "g-d, give me patience"
Pretty amazing, right? This young woman has been a wonderful addition to our team. She is the kind of girl who has a beautiful aura all around her; just a beautiful spirit!! The best part of the story is that she was wearing it the first time she met Little Bird. Amazing.

Well, I'm blessed to have such special people in my life. If you're reading this, you count too!

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Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy) said...

It makes such a difference to have even one such person in our and our kids' lives, doesn't it? Thanks for reminding me about the gifts in ours.

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