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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Last year around this time, my husband traveled to Japan for a couple weeks. We were taking him to the airport, but had to make a quick stop at the drugstore. In the parking lot a woman hit my car. It was definitely a pain, but we weren't hurt and that's what matters, right? Today he's off to Japan again. I was planning on taking him to the airport a little early so I could make it to my appointment to take care of my hurt foot. You know that old saying that when you make plans, G-d laughs? Well HAHAHA. There we are, traveling along on the freeway when out of nowhere....


My heart stopped beating, I stopped breathing, but somehow I was able to say out loud, "we're okay, we're okay, we're okay" over and over and over again until we finally stopped spinning, sliding and landed in the snowy ditch off the freeway. I cannot believe that we didn't hit anyone else as we careened across the freeway. Pretty amazing, considering that we'd started out in the fast lane. We hugged, called 911, met the nicest police officer ever (shout out to officer Welch), got towed out of the snowy ditch, and made it to the airport on time.

For a little perspective... here you can see the tow truck pulling my car out of the ditch, and in the background, you can see the freeway

Yes, it was the other guy's fault and he knows it. He was ticketed, I got a copy of the report and all that will be taken care of. I'm really grateful that my bird wasn't with us, that no one was hurt, and that my heartbeat has returned to its normal rhythm. But, I'm back to square one with the whole foot thing.

Be careful out there, the roads are kinda icy :)


My name is Erin. said...

Wow! So glad you're ok and that Bird wasn't with you. That's one of my worst fears. OMG!

Abby was really pleased that Brodie was inspired to do a somersault. : )

Penny said...

So glad you're safe! Are you in my neck of the woods? Let me know if you need anything. Sometimes, my hubby travels to Japan for his job, too. I understand.

Victoria Strong said...

Whoa! That is scary. I am so, so glad you are okay. I am sure you were shaken up.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! Why don't you ever call me??? I was just going to message you something random....... Thank g-d for the FC magnet:) it kept you safe:) love ya!!!

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