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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bird is the word

"Everybody's heard about the bird. B-B-B-Bird Bird Bird is the word!"

-The Trashmen

There are old home videos of me as a baby with my mommy calling me Birdie. She has called me that my whole life. She still does. It was only natural for me to refer to my own baby as my baby bird. And from day one, that's what I've called her. My little bird. She knows it and she answers to it. Yes, I just bought this necklace.

I love finding cute, fun, whimsical things that remind me of her and the love between a mommy bird and a baby bird. So, I just had to pick up these hand towels for her bathroom. I got them at Target when I stopped in just to get some toilet paper and sippy cups. I also got some melamine bowls with hearts on them for $1.79 apiece. Of course, I just had to have them. That's the power of Target. 


My name is Erin. said...

I'm sure you've already clued in to my bird obsession. I've been referred to as a birder a number of times now, which is super weird to me. I don't think you're officially a birder until you go on expeditions to view certain birds. Give me a year. : )

I LOVE that necklace. So cute.

I'm curious. Do you have a bracelet or necklace that Little Bird wears with your name and phone numbers... address... all that jazz? I've been thinking about one for Abby for a while now, but I'm not sure she'd take to wearing it very easily.

Dani G said...

The bird HAD one: http://imjustthatway.blogspot.com/2009/07/whats-your-name.html
but we lost it. I think I need to order another one. I bet Abby J would wear it. It's cute. Plus, she might like seeing her name on it. She and I were looking at your blog tonight and she whispered "Abby" when she saw her pic. Then "Abby's mommy" at a picture of you. Really sweet.

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