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Monday, January 11, 2010

Who's afraid of the big bad B-12?

I've been feeling so nervous about starting the Methyl B12 shots again. My plan is to give half the dose and see how Little Bird does. Last time around, she got really hyper and super stimmy.  Don't want to deal with that again. Just in case that does happen again, can someone tell me how long it stays in the system and how long it will take to get her back?

Okay, so anyway, I've been nervous about it but I decided that today I would do it. After all, she had an amazing weekend. Actually, an amazing week. Yes, that's right! I had about 6 days in-a-mutha-freaking-row of a happy, high-performing bird.

Dropped her off at school this morn and she massively melted down. Massively. Tears, snot, sobs. Her awesome shadow directed her over to the computer and then worked to calm her down. Apparently, she was a bit "off" all morning, until she made a huge pee- in her pants. She also laughed like a maniac during story time at school today. Not sure what that's about. I'm not thinking yeast, though. So, the crazy tantrum paired with the random hysterical laughing leads me to want to wait another day before giving her a shot. If anything happens, I want to make sure I can identify the culprit. Plus, I've added a few supplements in the last week and I think it's so important to do things slowly so that its easier to tell what's doing what.

Right now she's slightly different from how awesome she's been for the past week. Still, I'm gonna call her awesome.

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My name is Erin. said...

So glad you've been having a good week.

Why do you need to start the B-12 again if you've been having so much luck without it? Not judging... just genuinely curious. It's hard to read peoples intentions over the internet sometimes, so I wanted to make sure you were reading that the way I intended it. : ) I've been dragging my feet on bio-meds because Ab has responded so well to the therapies she gets at school, but sometimes I question whether or not we're doing enough.


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