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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When it's too much, tune in

"My headphones. They saved my life"

I just read this great post by another blogger mom.  People with ASD often have a hard time making sense of the sensory input all around them. Sometimes people without ASD even have a tough time- you should see me when the vacuum cleaner is on! In fact, last week when the vacuum cleaner was running, I turned on the radio and I turned it up LOUD just to drown out that sound. For me, it's really just the vacuum cleaner. And fans. And all white noise in general. But, for people with ASD, it could be just about anything. I've never posted a video of Little Bird when there's a lawn mower anywhere within a 2 mile radius, but it's not pretty. It's flappy, spinny, stimmy, and out of control. Literally. 

This mom's idea is for people to send in their old, out-of-date iPods so that they can be given to people with ASD to use when they're feeling overwhelmed by the sensory input around them. Think about it. What's your old iPod done for you lately anyway?


My name is Erin. said...

YES! What a great idea. I'll go read her post. And that reminds me. We are looking to buy Abby an iPod shuffle but first we want to find headphones or ear buds that work for her tiny noggin. So I'm off to search for them online

Dani G said...

I have some by sony that are great- they totally stay in my ears when I'm working out. I have small ears, too!

Samantha said...

I have a Shuffle she can have if she wants...she can clip it onto her pants pocket -it's tiny. You want?

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