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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Life is Average

So, I have this friend. In the interest of protecting the innocent, let's call him.... "Ben". Ok, so I was telling "Ben" something I experienced a few nights ago. It went something like this:
Little Bird was in the bath tub. I was sitting next to the tub on the floor, reading a book and maybe enjoying a cocktail (yes, it was after 5pm). Little Bird was happily splashing and playing in the tub when she said the two words NO mom ever wants to hear from a kid in the tub: "stinky poop". MLIA.
Ok, so some of you are wondering what's MLIA? It stands for My Life Is Average and is a very fun website wherein people share anecdotes of their daily "average" lives. Its done in the same vein as FMyLife.com. F My Life. Get it?
Anyway, so this friend "Ben" replied that it was interesting I used MLIA instead of FML and that warrior moms probably use MLIA for situations which normies (my word, not his) might consider more FML moments.
The point is, this life changes your perspective. On everything. Poop in the bath tub? Trust me, that's not going to be the craziest thing that happens around here this week. It probably wasn't even the craziest thing that happened that day- I'm just so tired, I can't remember the rest of that day!!


My name is Erin. said...

I feel kind of blessed for that fact. I'm thankful for these moments, because it helps us relish in the everyday moments that don't add up to very much usually. At least that's my glass half full perspective that I choose to view the world with... most days.

Piscesgirl said...

I just found your blog, and am so happy to find some other parents of "sensory seekers" are out there! You are so right about this being the "norm" in daily life. lol

Ben said...

Thanks for protecting my anonymity! Oh, wait... shoot.

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