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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Trees!!

We're Jews. You probably know that by now. Today we Jews celebrate a holiday called Tu B'Shevat. Wanna know what that means in English? Well, it literally translates to "the 15th of the month of Shevat." Not nearly as exciting as you thought, huh? It's basically and otherwise known as The New Year for the Trees. So, we celebrated this week by making a family tree in Little Bird's school:
Every apple was meant to have some facts about trees. I think the bird's was the only project that said "trees are fun to hug."

Two nights ago there was a program at her school in honor of the holiday. The kids came in PJs and decorated vanilla wafers with green frosting and sprinkles (little trees). Of course, I'd checked ahead of time so I could come prepared with our own GFCF version. Well, my girl wasn't so into the craft of it all, but she sure did like the frosting I'd made for her

and the sprinkles

So cute, right?

When we'd arrived at the event, some of the kids came running over to Little Bird shouting "[Little Bird]'s here!" She was like a freaking rock star!!
Then came the storytime. A librarian read some books about the holiday and Little Bird crawled into my lap. Before I knew it, two other girls from her class had crawled into my lap, too. Now, I'll be honest. I'm no Mary Poppins. I'm obviously an outrageously amazing mommy to my bird, but I don't think I always give off a kid-friendly vibe. Maybe I'm wrong...

Those kids freaking love my bird. I'm desperately hoping that continues. I'll need those kids (the ones she knows now and the ones she will know) to advocate for my little bird; to fight off the bullies; to help her along when I'm not there.

If you want to know a little bit more about Tu B'Shevat, you can CLICK HERE for a quickie overview.
Also, for some reason when I think of this holiday, I can't help but think of 
Bob Ross and his "Happy Little Trees"


lynn s. mcclintock said...

Nice blog Sister!...Keep 'em coming. Also would love if you check mine out...when you have the time! http://blogdayafternoon.net/blogdayafternoon/Home.html

my ftp upload is still a bit glitchy...working out the kinks.

Deann said...

what a great post : )

Ticky and Mimi said...

lovely. (you're the rockstar.)

Victoria Strong said...

I love this! Seeing Gwendolyn with her friends and how they accept her means the world to me. And your darling is one gorgeous little bird :)

My name is Erin. said...

I love the new background. It's a perfect little bird for your Little Bird. And design wise, how cool are pears?! I love them. I love them in a bowl as a centerpiece AND they are delicious!

Anonymous said...

When I see the pix of Brodie with her friends at events, I so wish you still lived here with me... then I could see every little thing Brodie does everyday. Not to mention, I could interact with you everyday. But that is just life...you raise your "birds" and they fly away. Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

I am so happy Brodie had such a great time at the program! The family tree you made is beautiful and I can't wait to hang it up tomorrow! Thanks for blogging this...it reminds me that what I do DOES make a difference in the lives of Jewish children!
**Not to mention the families too!**
xox ~ Elisa

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