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Friday, January 15, 2010

Another way to help kids with special needs like mine!

You've probably gotten tons of the Chase Community Giving promos via friends on Faccebook. It's kind of a big deal. They're giving away loads of money ($1M) which can make a huge difference many charities. Last month they narrowed it down to 100 charities from around 500,000 contestants. My home away from home, The Friendship Circle was chosen as one of those top 100 charities. Now they're in the running to win the BIG prize. This contest is running only via Facebook, which you're probably on since you're A) breathing and B) already on the interwebs. Please check out www.votefc.com and find out more about how to vote and how to help secure this huge prize which will help tons of kids with special needs like mine (and maybe yours, too!).
Friendship Circle is a non-profit dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with special needs through critical life skills training, promoting advocacy in the general population through our strong volunteer core and play-therapy based programs that pair teens and special friends together to form a life-changing bond of friendship. There are Friendship Circles all over the world. Maybe even in your town. This prize would help promote the Friendship Circle commitment to helping kids with special needs and their families all over the world. We need your help. Vote. Just do it. Seriously. You're still here? Go vote already. Sheesh!
Ok, here's something you should know about all this Chase Community Giving stuff. You actually have 5 votes. But only one per charity. This is really good news because there are some pretty awesome charities. There's one more I want to tell you about....
My old friend Victoria Strong and her husband, Bill, have a gorgeous little girl named Gwendolyn. She has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), which is the leading genetic killer of children under 2. Victoria and Bill started a foundation called The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation and they're in the running, too! Researchers are this close to a cure for SMA. $1M could help make a difference!! Visit their website, learn about SMA and consider giving a vote to them, too! 
Alright, it's time to vote!! DO IT! Voting starts today, January 15th and runs thru January 22. 


Victoria Strong said...

Thank you so much! You are awesome!

Piscesgirl said...

Awesome! I'll check it out now! :)

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