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Friday, December 25, 2009

Mewwy Twissmas

"I'm dreaming of a white christmas"
Another holiday season, another struggle. We are 2000 miles from home. I knew a couple months ago that it would not be good to take my kid out of her element; out of the routine; away from her therapies, etc. Although, I have seriously been doubting whether the therapies are helping lately. Well, by lately, I mean for the past 9 months. Something has been different since April. We've seen a major slowing of progress and even a movement in the wrong direction. It happens. I just wasn't prepared for it to happen to us, or this early in the game. Of course, Little Bird is only 4 (who am I kidding, she's almost 5), and technically has a lot of time to improve, but everyone who works with her has been pretty surprised at the slowing of progress. I'm trying to stay positive, but any parent going through this will tell you, that can be very tough. Very tough. But, I digress.
In effort to smile about something (no easy feat on a day like today), I typed this up about 10 minutes ago as I tried to catch my breath after another very frustrating potty training episode with my child. Oh, and yes, we're Jews, but still...
On the 12th day of Christmas, Autism gave to me:
12 supplements
11 Docs a-billing
10 scripty phrases
9 gluten free recipes
8 different therapies
7 blank stares
6 things she'll eat
5 spins in a row
4 friends left
3 IEPs
2 arms a-flapping And 1 kid with A-S-D!!
Gotta laugh a little, right, fellow warrior moms? If I don't laugh I think I'll lose it a little. Ok, a little more. Because trust me, I've fucking lost it.
Merry Christmas, if you celebrate it! We might be Jews, but we are an equal opportunity gift-giving/receiving family, so we opened up presents under a plastic tree this morning and we will be eating brisket and latkes tonight. Plus, we weren't together for Hanukkah this year.
She was pretty cute opening gifts, so here are a couple pics:
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Guitar and Book
SuperWhy Why-writer "Super Readers: to the rescue!"
Wait, don't ALL almost-5 year olds get iPods for HanukkMas?
And yes, this says
"to danielle from yo mama"


My name is Erin. said...

Oh, Dani. Your 12 Days of Christmas made my eyes well up. If I'm not included in your 4 friends, you better make it 5. I'm sorry. XO Mewwy Twissmass!

Anonymous said...

Love you, love you... Yo Mama!!!

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