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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Get in where you fit in

"Get in where you fit in"
-Ben Harper
Ok, first of all yes, there's a Too $hort record called get in where you fit in, but I like the Ben Harper melody better.
I know a lady. She's probably 45 years older than I am. We both belong to a club and I'd see her every so often, but not really talk much. A couple years ago I ran into her and she asked me how my "baby" was doing- I don't think I'd seen her since I'd given birth a couple years before that. I was honest. I told her that Little Bird had some developmental delays and other "issues". She took a deep breath and told me "the world is so big. she'll find where she fits in." I loved that. I haven't seen that woman since.
Why am I telling you this now?? Well, this evening I discovered a company called Specialisterne. Its founder has a son with ASD and knows very well the talented gifts that people with ASD can bring to the table. He hires people with ASD for his software company. They have been known, after all, to be very detail oriented, have great memories, be comfortable with repetition, etc. Love it!

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Deann said...

MORC - Macomb Oakland Regional Center and CLS - Community Living Services will help find jobs like that for adults. You may want to look into them now, as they sometimes offer services (depending on what you qualify for) for birth - adult.

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