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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


"Listen.... Do you want to know a secret?"
-The Bealtes
I've recently become intrigued with this project called PostSecret. The concept is simple. Write your secret on a postcard. 3 rules: it must be legible, true, and something you've never told anyone. Stick a stamp on it and send it in. There have been gallery shows, blogs, and books showing off the secrets of others'. These secrets are powerful. I'm realizing that so many people have so many of the same feelings. They really are amazing thoughts. I really think you should go visit the PostSecret site.... after you finish reading this post.
This afternoon I indulged in my curiosity and picked up one of the books. I think it looks great on my coffee table, right on top of another favorite: Annie Leibovitz's American Music.
Speaking of indulgence.... I am deserving, so I also picked up another item that intrigued me. My new kicks!!

1 comment:

lori b said...

love the idea! but i cant think of a secret i havent told anybody! hmmm.....

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