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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Falling Into Fall

"Can you remember me?
I'm the one who picked the apple tree"
Obviously there are loads of differences I've had to adjust to upon moving my life from the big, fast, crazy LA to the slower paced life in the Midwest. One huge difference: Seasons! After living out here for 7 years now, I totally appreciate every ritual that corresponds to the seasons. In the winter, we sled down the driveway and get cozy by the fires with hot chocolate (marshmallows included). Spring brings new life and flowers; our neighbors come out of hibernation and we are all happy to see the sun, wearing tshirts and tanks in 50 degree weather. Summers are all about life on the lakes and barbecues (here they call it "cooking out"- I know, totally weird) and s'mores at night. Fall is all about apples. We visit the mills to drink the cider and eat donuts. It seems like everyone goes to an orchard at least once each fall to pick apples off the trees. Today was our day...
All in all, I'm glad we went. You should know, however, that much the field trip went a little something like this......


lori b said...

very nice and poetic description of michigan seasons. but i still say they suck and i want to get back to LA!

Dani G said...

When fall's highs are in the 40s, I miss LA, too. I also miss you, Lori B. Been a long time, no?? xxx

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