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Friday, October 23, 2009

Analysis can lead to paralysis

"Killing in a classroom on a campus on the coast after hours of analysis
I loved you first, yeah, I loved you most
Now it feels like paralysis
And I've got no idea where we're going with this"
-Rhett Miller
Last night I heard someone say something like "paralysis by analysis". I think from now on I'm going to say I've been in "analysis" since I was nine, rather than "therapy." Sounds cooler and maybe more sophisticated. Speaking of which, I saw a picture of my parents today and it made me miss them. Six months is a long time to not see your mommy and daddy. Looking forward to my mom's visit in a few weeks. Two months until we're all together again at that fancy, fancy resort.
I think I'm feeling homesick, but I'm not really sure what I'm homesick for. I think I'm feeling sick and tired of taking care of myself and others and I just want to be very, very small and taken care of. Actually, I just finished a book where the kids were raised in a way too big house with way too much and maybe that made me feel homesick. Hey, look at me revealing a secret or two....

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