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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Such a talker

Someone recently told me that I'm a talker, meaning that I talk about my "stuff." I told him that my mind is a dangerous neighborhood and it's unsafe for me to travel through alone. Truth is, there's safety in numbers and no one likes to go through things alone. I don't feel shame for my issues- they are what they are. There's always someone who has gone through the same thing- or worse- who can share with me the light on the other side.
Today I randomly met a woman with an 18 year old son with Autism. I told her I love hearing from women with older kids who have been where I am now. She said, "call me anytime. It gets better. I promise." Man, I really needed to hear that today. See, I wouldn't have gotten to carry that around with me for the rest of the day if I wasn't such a "talker".

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Anonymous said...

You can thank me later.

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