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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One Step Toward a Solution

My family and I just signed up to join AIDS Walk Ann Arbor 09 and we think you should come with us. It's (sadly) a very small event. I think they're hoping for 500 walkers. Quite a difference from the 4000+ we had last week at the Walk4Friendship. I'm thinking this will be a nice walk around downtown Ann Arbor while raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and the needs in that community. Here's some more information: AIDS WALK. Here's where you can sign up to join us: REGISTER. Our team name is Red Ribbons. Cute, right?! This event is FREE and I'm not looking to raise funds here, just awareness.
Oh, one more thing.... this walk is on my birthday (yes, I'm turning 25 again!), so if you wanna spend my birthday with me, you know what to do. C'mon, who doesn't want to spend a Sunday afternoon walking around AA?!

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