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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Israel Chronicles #5

After a beautiful breakfast on the beach in Tel Aviv, we met with a local journalist Aluf Benn who is the editor for one of Israel’s most widely read newspaper. According to Aluf Benn, this summer has been the most quiet time in Israel in the last 10 years, but when terrorism subsides, there seems to be an increase in the fighting between the religious and secular Jews. He shared with us that their former president is on trial for corruption; a former minister is on trial for sexual misconduct. I couldn’t help but shout “corruption: just like the US!” When he responded “but the US does not have a former president on trial”. Me: “unfortunately”. Once everyone giggled, I realized there are many like minded people in our group. Remember: some of us are just getting to know each other. This visit brought on a great political discussion and it’s as fun to listen to some of the questions as it is the answers.

Next up, we visited Zippori National Park in the hills of Lower Galilee: the place where the Mishna was written. We spent some time studying text with Marc Rosenstein, an American Rabbi who made Aliyah and has been living in Israel for many years. “How often can you study Talmud where what you’re reading is relevant today to those you’re teaching while actually standing in the original venue?” Chills.

We got to spend some time with Israelis around our age who are planning on going on a mission to Detroit next week, playing great team-building games. We had so much fun and already have plans to see them in the states.

After all of our getting-to-know-you games, we went to dinner for a typical Israeli meal (which seems to be never ending. How are Israeli’s not the fattest people on the planet?!). Greg and his new friend Tomer (they're already facebook friends) ate chicken hearts. YUK!
All in all, today was a great day and a lot of fun. We spend tonight at Tiberius, in a hotel on a kibbutz which sits on the Sea of Galilee. Before bed, some of us sit outside together and bond over a few bottles of wine.

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