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Monday, September 7, 2009

The Israel Chronicles #11

We spent our last night eating pizza in a park, talking about all our great experiences. Some of us got teary, but I'm not mentioning names. What an incredible experience. Gratitude all around. Though some in the group had been to Israel before, none of us had ever done ALL the things we did. This was truly a unique trip with truly unique people. I'll never forget it. Never.

Our last day was spent in the City of David. We walked through tight tunnels in knee-deep water (ok, waist-deep for me); half of it was in the dark, trusting the person in front of us. Abby later said that it's a good thing we did this activity at the end of the trip, when we really knew we could trust any one of us in the group. Chills as I think about that.

As soon as we passed the sign that directed us to Ben Gurion Airport, my tears started falling. It's hard to say goodbye to these people, this experience, etc. It's especially hard to return to a hard and harsh reality. I spent this week enjoying myself and really being the OLD me: carefree, FUN, funny, spontaneous, courageous, excited, etc. Didn't think about Autism or all the fears that come along with it; didn't think about the hard, hard work that I would do every hour of every day upon my return. Yes, it sucks that I return to the struggle, but the good news is that I had a great time; that I'm still capable of having a great time. That fun-loving girl is still in here somewhere! So watch out!!

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