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Monday, September 21, 2009

Donut try this at home!

"There she goes...
There she goes again"
-The Las
Oh where, oh where has my little girl gone? As I type this she is lying on the floor and banging her fists. Her play tutor is so much more patient than I am at this moment. In all fairness, this is not nearly as dramatic as it could be or as other families have experienced, but my stuff is my stuff. So... Little Bird seems to have lost her voice. At least, she's not using it very much. Rather, there seems to be a high-pitched squeal coming from her vocal chords instead. When I picked her up from school today she was yawning. Her teachers said she was very quiet and just not herself. Interesting. Sure enough, in the parking lot we ran into a friend and she didn't answer her question, hardly looked at her. We got home and the whining increased to a level certain to drive every dog in the neighborhood to suicide. She refused to eat much of her lunch and instead begged for bagels and a donut. That's when it hit me: MAJOR gluten infractions this weekend. I let her eat some of a donut from the cider mill on Saturday. Yesterday she ate half of a slice of bread- real, gluten-y bread!! I'm still very skeptical about the GF/CF diet even though she's been on it for more than 11 months. It's times like this that I really start to buy in to all of it. Because she really is different today than she was two days ago. Of course, she could just be tired or coming down with something. That's the thing with all this: I never freaking know. Seriously, I know nothing. It's all a guessing game. Why is she making progress? Is it the diet? countless hours of therapy? the chiropractic care? the new school? the new listening therapy CD? just good old fashioned time? No one knows. But, I've still gotta keep doing it ALL. And I will. In the meantime, I've gotta scrape my kid up off the floor and try to make the whining and crying stop. I see the play tutor trying to work with her and I am so jealous that she gets to leave here.

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