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Monday, August 17, 2009


"It's the one, natural one"
-Folk Imposion
I'm always looking for good-tasting GF/CF foods for Little Bird. When I find them, I like to share the info with others- cuz I want you to do the same for me!
About a month ago a friend told me about a local little company called Jessica's Natural Foods which makes gluten free granola. Side note: I hadn't even met that friend in person yet- only on these here interwebs!! Shout out to JLR!
Anyway, Jessica seems to be a local girl with a gluten intolerant family member, went on to create this line of granola, and started selling it! So anyway, this girlfriend told me about the granola, knowing that my bird is on a GF diet, but I kinda forgot about it. Then, I was roaming around Hiller's (one of our local grocery chains in these parts of town) and lo and behold, there's Jessica and a cute little booth with samples (!!!) of her granola! I didn't even taste it, I just grabbed a bag of the chocolate chip granola said a quick hello and finished up my shopping.
I just opened up the bag today and it's sooooo delish! I swear, I ate three handfuls before I even let Little Bird taste it!! Here's how it went down...
Skeptical about a new food, as usual...
Going in for the taste...
SCOOOOOOOORE!!! She likes it, she really likes it!
I'm excited, but I guess this means I have to share the rest of the bag with her :)


Anonymous said...

So glad she likes it! Gotta love the chocolate, I know I do! xoxo JLR

Alexis S said...

Hi Dani - Jessica is actually the friend of mine that joined the community events committee in March/April, but then we never had another meeting so you didn't get to meet her! So glad you and Brodie like the Granola!!

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