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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Israel Chronicles #2

click here for more on my trip to Israel

"In another world, in another time"
-Van Morrison

Man, this is a long flight. 11+ hours. I guess it will be longer on the way back. Hopefully then I will be so tired, I'll sleep. A lot. I think I slept for about 3 hours on and off. Before we left we rented Dexter's first season. Seen it? Pretty good stuff. So we've watched a few hours of that to pass the time until the computer died. I've also spent a little time rediscovering Van Morrison's Astral Weeks record. Genius.

We totally did that thing where we were on pins and needles wondering who would be taking the third seat on our row. We got lucky. Benjamin is probably a few years younger than we are; from Acapulco and he says he's an entertainer/dancer. I'm putting my money on "exotic". Actually, it's Aztecan dance and he's coming to Detroit to perform in October. Whose with me??

As the plane touches down, the passengers erupt in applause. Not because it was a rough flight and they're pleased to be on the ground, but because they are so happy to be landing here in Israel.

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