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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Israel Chronicles #1

***This is the beginning of The Israel Chronicles. I'll be traveling to the Jewish Homeland with my husband and about 10 other people (not my child): some of these people have already been my friends, the others are about to become my friends***
"Babe, I'm gonna miss you" -Lou Reed
Just said goodbye to Little Bird and before I was 25 feet away from her, I'm in tears. Of course I'm gonna miss her, but I think I'm also feeling worried about her and about leaving her because I feel like I'm the only one who can understand her (probably 65% true) and the only one who can help her get her needs met (probably 33% true). I've never been away from her for more than 48 hours. This could be a loooooong 9 days! I posted on Facebook that I'm so sad to leave the bird and my good friend Devon sent me a text that said "Even if you cry all the way to Israel, you need this break. You really do." So right. So so so right. When we walked into the Delta business lounge in Atlanta, the lady behind the counter got so excited that we are headed to Israel. She kept telling us that it's the most wonderful place and we will LOVE it. She visited Tel Aviv a few years ago and she said she can't wait to get back. She must have told us 3 times, "I'm black and I'm not even Jewish and I loved it there. Those are some good people."
Me and Bridget

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Anonymous said...

You have been gone a few hours and have already made s friend! Your friend Devon is right... you do need this and will return with a new burst of energy and a fresh outlook, which will be so good for Brodie AND you. Just talked to Naomi yesterday and everything there is fine. Relax and enjoy! Love ya, Mom

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