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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Got Meth??

"You're my red hot mama
and you're really built for speed"
-Stray Cats
I have a cold. It sucks, but I'm trying to remember that it's just a freaking cold. I went to Target today (happiest place on Earth) to get a few things, including pediatric sudafed. I need to take the pediatric stuff because I freak out on the adult dose!! Well, they totally carded me because they keep a record of everyone who buys drugs that can be turned into meth. Fine. Whatever. I went to grab my wallet and... NO ID!! Couldn't find it anywhere in my purse. So, I left Target with a new skirt (super cute!), shampoo for Little Bird, but no children's sudafed :( Side note: A few years ago I said I'd never go to Target's pharmacy because I didn't agree with some of their policies and procedures. So, I guess this was the universe making me keep this promise! We went over to the Secretary of State (AKA the DMV here) to get a new license. Didn't I post about the Sec of State once before?? Aaaaaahhhhh yes... now I remember. So there I am at Michigan's version of the DMV and my number is 73, which would be totally fine but they were on 37!!! That meant I'd have at least 1.5 hours to go. However, in those 1.5 hours I needed to get Little Bird fed and off to Occupational Therapy. What's a girl to do?? I popped into the Subway next door, then I called Lisa Z! I mean, after all, she IS listed as my emergency contact all over town and this felt like an emergency! She picked up Little Bird, took her to OT, then called me to tell me all about how amazing my little bird is. Now THAT'S a friend! Once they finally got to number 73 (yes, 1.5 hours later), I decided to renew the license altogether since it was going to expire next month on my 25th birthday*. Plus, I got a new license plate! My current plate says my cats' names and it's just not the same since Cassidy died. Yes, it's another personalized plate. It's a surprise, so stay tuned on that! All in all, I got a lot done- especially with a congested cold. Oh, and I finally got to the drug store to get some children's cold medicine- and it was one where the pharmacists do their jobs and fill the prescriptions in front of them, regardless of their religious/political/social beliefs! But between us, after a day like today, I think I should've made some meth! *This will actually be the 7th anniversary of my 25th birthday

1 comment:

lori b said...

um...ok...does this mean its your 32nd birthday? or am i just a total dumbass?

and btw...i STILL call it the DMV!

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