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Friday, July 3, 2009

We Tried

"If you can hold on, hold on"
-The Killers
Me: It's not good.
Him: What?
Me: The whole thing. It's just not good.
Him: Well of course its not. But it is what it is.
Me: It's hard to see those perfect, normal children
Him: I want a normal kid.
Me: I know you do, babe. Me too.
Him: I think we should try.
Me: We did. It didn't work.
Him: Maybe we didn't try hard enough?
Me: We tried.
All this on the drive home tonight... while The Killers serenaded us courtesy of the radio.


My name is Erin. said...

But the adventure is just beginning...

lori b said...

so funny, because this morning after i got off the phone with you and hearing your thoughts on MJ, i thought to myself, "hmmm...ill BET dani is gonna post about this!" sure enough.....here we are!

and btw...i was at the victory tour concert too. my only pre-requisite, was that if my dad bought me tix, i had to go with my little brother! and i had that damn thriller jacket! first in red. then a version in grey and white. THANKFULLY i returned both of them!!! unfortunately...i did sport the one glove look. i mean, seriously....wtf was i thinking????

lori b said...

ooops...i posted my comment on the wrong post! damn! my brain must be warped from constant MJ media, which is infiltrating my brain. (well, at least the small portion of a brain that i have!)i will cut and paste this on the correct post.

momsofasdchildren said...

it will change your life and enhance your beautys life like nothing else will!

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