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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm just sayin'

Disagree. Seriously, MJ had it made when he was a black man. Sorry to Lori, who already heard this from me on the phone this morning... He was beyond talented, put out some of the best music in the last 40 years, and thrilled the world with the way he made his body move. We all even got past the nose jobs (alleged) and the whole he-lives-with-a-chimp-named-Bubbles thing. By the way, has anyone noticed that Bubbles the chimp has gotten more press this week than the U.S.'s massive mission in Afghanistan?? Can you point to Afghanistan on a map? No, but you totally know the names of MJ's 3 kids, right? Trick question since two of them have the same freaking name (Prince Michael I and Prince Michael II). It's cool, I can't find Afghanistan on a map, and I'm really hoping they can't find me either.
Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, that MJ was totally better when he was black. As a white man, he creeped me out: living like Peter Pan (calling his home Neverland), playing with small children that did not belong to him (ok, their parents should take on more blame for this), allegedly playing with small parts of small children, etc. Most importantly, his music just wasn't what it was when he was a black man. Trust me, I'm the first to jump up and dance should any old MJ song come up whilst my iPod is on shuffle- which happens a lot since I really am a fan of those songs. I remember when I saw the Victory Tour in 84, wearing a single glove, and I'm sure I saw a solo tour of his as well; went to school with his nieces and nephews; we even went to the same high school (I mean, until I was expelled- and a couple decades apart). But, just to be clear, I'm a fan of his work up until around the Lisa Marie marriage and the naked video they did together- WTF was that anyway?!! Don't remember? Ok, here's the link, but don't say I didn't warn you. Seriously.
I totally promised Devon that I wouldn't write about MJ, and here I am. Sorry, Dev! In effort not to write TWO posts on this topic, I'm making two in one...
Ok, so I'm not a Katy Perry fan, but the video for that song is so pretty and colorful.
Anyway, I have to mention how completely ridic it is that California (the land of my birth) is spending so much money on MJ's funeral security and police work, investigation, etc. That state is so completely in debt, they're laying off teachers, considering closing some state parks, etc. Once I moved out of there and into the Midwest, I was able to see just how out of whack that state's priorities are and this is the ultimate example. They should be charging "mourners" to attend these "public" events to recoup some of their gross overspending. One more point... this isn't the first time the State of California has spent loads of cash on MJ: in the criminal case against him for allegedly molesting and imprisoning kids in his Neverland Ranch, Santa Barbara County spent loads of dollars to prosecute. Obv, he was acquitted, but so was OJ. I'm just sayin'
Ok, Dev, I'm done. I promise.


lori b said...

so funny, because this morning after i got off the phone with you and hearing your thoughts on MJ, i thought to myself, "hmmm...ill BET dani is gonna post about this!" sure enough.....here we are!

and btw...i was at the victory tour concert too. my only pre-requisite, was that if my dad bought me tix, i had to go with my little brother! and i had that damn thriller jacket! first in red. then a version in grey and white. THANKFULLY i returned both of them!!! unfortunately...i did sport the one glove look. i mean, seriously....wtf was i thinking????

lori b said...

p.s. i had totally forgotten about that naked video! so i just watched it. youre right...blech! i find it humorous that HE was the angel and not her. i also think its kinda funny that his body looks like my 4 year olds body. but i will also say that lisa maries ass looks amazing in that loin cloth thing. (no, im not a lesbian. but i play one on blogs:))

Anonymous said...

I KNEW you couldn't resist!!!!

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