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Sunday, July 12, 2009

How did I get here?

"And you may ask yourself
Well... how did I get here?"
-Talking Heads
Here's the deal, I was a crazy, sassy, bad-ass teenager. I'm talking kicked out of every school I ever went to (beginning at 7 years old). Of course I giggled the first time one of Little Bird's teachers told me that she doesn't deal with authority very well. I totally put my parents through hell. Not quite the hell I'm going through with my own kid, but still.
Many thanks to Dina B for posting this pic on Facebook of Little Miss Dani G at about 15 or 16.
I'm bringing all this up because a couple days ago, Little Bird and I walked out to the mailbox, singing "we just got a letter..." ala Blue's Clues. Whatever, you know the tune. Ok, so these teens come speeding down my street bumping rap music (no disrespect to Lil Wayne), and out of nowhere, I hear this 30(ish) year old woman start shouting "Hey, slow it down!!!" But then when I looked around, I couldn't see her. Holy F.... it was ME!!! I've become a midwestern wife/mother who yells at teenagers for doing what I was doing- but it doesn't seem like it was 15 effing years since I was doing it!!!!
Now I might clean up pretty nicely these days....
But I'm still all sass, baby!


My name is Erin. said...

It seems no matter how much I try to shake the soccer-mom look, it sneaks back up on me. If not for my nose-ring, the only thing missing would be my mini-van (which I'd love to own) with a soccer team sticker.

My friend shared a link to this poet today. Her name is Sally and she writes all her poems to her autistic son. Warning: I cried my eyes out reading them. So be prepared. :) http://trainland.tripod.com/poems1.htm

lori b said...

i do the same thing. i say things about teens and "youngsters today", and i always think i sound like suuuch an old parent. which...actually, i am.

Autism Mom Rising said...

I love this!

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