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Thursday, June 25, 2009

"That's a conversation!"

File this one under miracles happening every day. This morning I spoke with our awesome play therapist and I was telling him that I know he sees progress all the time, just like all Little Bird's therapists do, but since I'm so emotionally attached and NOT formally trained in this stuff, little signs of progress are hard for me to see. I need the BIG signs. It's like with someone losing weight- if you're with her every day, you might not notice as much as the person who sees her after 3 months. Make sense? Good. Okay, so I was talking to the play therapist and saying that I feel like Little Bird's been on a plateau for so long and I'm so freaking ready for a BIG leap. That's her pattern, after all: steady progress, plateauuuuuuuuuu, LEAP! Over and over. It's a cycle, which is totally fine as long as she keep leaping.
Well, I almost didn't realize it, but I witnessed a leap today. Little Bird and I had a conversation. For those of you who don't have kids like mine, let me explain that even though Little Bird talks and has for a long time, her speech has almost always been labeling, requesting, trying to get her needs met. Not really conversational. Plus, she can't ask questions. YET. Here's how it went down: We were in the car on our way to her afternoon ABA program...
me: Are you going to play with Angie?
LB: yeah!
me: are you going to pick out a movie?
LB: yeah!
me: which movie?
LB: Backyardigans
me: oh yeah? which one?
me: what do they say?
LB: Huka Pele!!
I told Angie all about it and she goes "that's a conversation!" OMG, I almost didn't realize it!!! Later in the afternoon, I totally got it when this went down:
LB: meow
me: who says meow?
LB: kitty cat
me: what's your cat's name?
LB: Shugie!
me: yep! What color is he?
LB: black and white!!
These little things are not lost on me, they are HUGE. I am grateful and I need every little bit of progress to boost my confidence and keep me fighting, keep me focused on this journey as Little Bird's warrior mom!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!that is a leap! She wasn't taking the subject that far last month. Greatnews! You are a wonderful mom,and the Brodster is a very lucky girl! I am proud of you both. You may each have a gluton free snack! Mom

Anonymous said...

You are so amazing. I love you -- your babygirl is so blessed to have such a badass for a mom. I've been reading around your blog for like the last 45 minutes and I'm so ... it's hard to say "proud of you" without sounding condescending -- but I am, proud of the woman you have grown into. You are seriously awesome, Girl. And Little Bird is adorable -- I hope I get to meet her and your wonderful hubby someday. :)
Much Love, Lady,


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