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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stop and smell the flowers

"You're my little flower,
flower, flower"
-David Garza
Every year my mom comes out to Michigan on a mission: to plant flowers in my yard. She loves it and when I get compliments from my neighbors and visitors, I get to brag about my mom and her love of all things that grow in the ground.
This morning she was out there digging and planting and picking our worms for Little Bird to look at. Then she showed LB a magic trick: if you accidently slice one worm in half, you get TWO worms!!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE my time planting the garden and sharing my love for growing things with Brodie. My own Granny taught me everything I know about love, life and the way things work, just by spending time planting with me. If I can do that with my little Brodie, I am a happy Grandma! Plant on!! Mom

Jenn said...

Eeewwww! I remember going to some "arts camp" with you (we were probably around Brodie's age) and getting a whole box of worms. then we went back to abby's house where the three of us proceeded to cut a bunch of them in half. that wasn't very kind of us...! :)

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