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Thursday, June 11, 2009

School's Out!

"School's out for summer
school's out for ever!"
-Alice Cooper
This is a picture of Little Bird and Ms Geer on the first day of school this year.
Today was the last day of school.
After a very long debate process, we have decided to take Little Bird out of the public schools and the ECSE (early childhood special education) classes. Next year she will go to the JCC preschool. It's a typical preschool with typical kids and one kid with special needs per class. That would be my Little Bird! She'll have a shadow to help her along every step of the way. This is a big step in attempting to ready the bird for mainstreaming. I'm not 100% comfident that it's the right move, but I've gotta give it a try. I think she really does have the potential to pick up on some appropriate social and language skills from these typical kids. So, we've gotta give it a go. Of course my dream is for her to one day be able to fit in to a typical class and thrive in that setting, so I'd prefer to begin that process now (if it works!). So, for that reason, today is a milestone. Little Bird's been at this school in the Early Intervention program since she was 8 months old!! That's 4 school years! I had to capture the moment of her walking in and out for the last time. Well, until kindergarden!!
There she goes...
"All done!"
We will definitely miss her teachers Mrs. Adam and Ms. Geer. They are totally awesome!!
I really can't say enough about the people who work with kids with special needs. There is a level of patience that is unparalleled. I am forever grateful.


My name is Erin. said...

I'll be interested to read about Brodie's progress as this is what we're expecting to do after next year's 4-year olds class.

Abby has only been in for just over 5 months, since we'd been told in Montana that she "was fine" from the age of 9 months to 16 months. Then in Vermont from age 18 months to 2 years that she is "just fine"... "so many parents are needlessly concerned about Autism these days, because of people like Jenny McCarthy." I could just freaking scream at them! They made me feel like I was crazy! When Ab's teachers asked me if I'd ever considered Autism, I cried huge tears of relief, because FINALLY someone was listening to me! I think I should probably blog more about that soon.

So anyway, I'm known for my long-winded mini-blogs on other peoples blogs. :) Point is... I'm interested in how Brodie does in a "regular" preschool. LOL!

Anonymous said...

During my last three years in the classroom, I had a fully included student with an IEP each year. I was freaked out, I am ashamed to say, with my first fully included student, because I didn't see how a regular ed classroom would meet his needs. Well, after lots of hard work, I became an advocate for full inclusion (when appropriate) and am happy to say the young man is now in high school and doing well in AP English and History.

"Typically developing" students and students with IEPs, who would normally be in full day special ed classes (e.g. with Down's Syndrome, Autism, severe cerebral palsy), learn so much from each other! Many, many kids in our schools in Burbank are coming to us with the diagnosis of Autism, and many of them are in regular ed classes. Some of them have one-on-one aides. Whenever teachers freak out (as I did), I reassure them and let them know that they will be better teachers, and that their students will be better people, from having such diversity in their classrooms. Good luck to Brodie!!
Jenn G

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