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Saturday, June 13, 2009

a little perspective

"You worry about the wrong things, the wrong things."
-Kanye West
I know that I'm sensitive and that other people have NO idea what it's like to have a kid with special needs. On the flip side, I also know that I have NO idea what it's like to have a "typical" kid. So, I try to cut others a little slack. Even the friend who, two years ago, on my birthday, had her kid sing happy birthday to me in english, spanish, and hebrew- at the time all I wanted was to hear my kid's voice AT ALL! Did I mention that my kid's older than hers? But I digress.... A few days ago I was at the library with Little Bird. There were a few other moms around with their kids, too. I couldn't help but overhear their ridiculous conversation. Apparently one mom was very upset because she didn't get the date she wanted for kid's Bat Mitzvah in ........wait for it..... 2013. She was really all worked up about it. I giggled to myself because I will never be angry about something like that. I will no longer sweat something so trivial. Having a kid with special needs immediately shifts all your priorities and perspectives. Hmmm, could this be yet another gift of Autism??? ***A little disclaimer: I know that there are some people out there who read this blog but don't know me and that probably means I don't know you. Or maybe you know who I am, but don't really know me. After all, how many moms are there in this little town with Pink stripes in her hair?? Again, digression... ok, so back to the disclaimer: if YOU were one of the moms in the library that day, just know that I mean NO offense to you. Rather, this is about ME. People say it's all relative, that worries are worries. But does that mean that this woman will lie awake at night worrying about her daughter's bat mitzvah date the same way that I lie awake and worry about my daughter living with me forever, or in a group home? If so, I don't envy her worries, but I do envy her "problems".

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