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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

From Amy's Kitchen to Mine!

I mentioned once before about how I finally found a pizza that Little Bird can eat (dietary restrictions) and that she LOVES: Amy's Kitchen's Gluten-Free, Non-dairy pizza.
Well today I noticed something on my doorstep and immediately wondered, "Did I order something and forget all about it??!!" But nope, look what the very fine folks at Amy's Kitchen sent me:
Man, they're awesome. I've always really liked this company and its commitment to using organic, healthy ingredients in their quick, easy meals. But, now really love them! We will be very loyal to them as long as they keep making these fabulous products that are delicious and easy while fulfilling our requirements of being healthy and sensitive to our dietary needs.
Thanks, Amy!!!

1 comment:

lori b said...

i dont get it. how did they know to send you this? did you write them a letter? ????

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