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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Close Shave

"Oh, this mess I have made"
-Ben Folds
Sometimes in Little Bird's occupational therapy, she'll play with shaving cream to give her some of the input she seeks through her tactile system. She loves the squishy, slimey feel and can play with it for hours!
Yesterday she was playing with her Occupational Therapist, Jessica and got the shaving cream all over herself. I'm not the kind of mommy who minds messes, so I'm ok with all that. As Jess took Little Bird to the sink for some clean-up, I heard her say "noooo!" as Little Bird tried to get a little shaving cream on Jessica's face. After having worked with LB for a year and a half, Jess should know that when you tell Little Bird NO, she'll likely try again with more force!! I tried so hard not to laugh when Jessica ended up covered in shaving cream, but it was WAY too hard. Just look how much fun these girls are having together!! It's a good thing Jess loves her job so much :)

1 comment:

lori b said...

thats my girl!
she just cracks me up!

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