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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nine Inches

"I'm just a (girl) with a new haircut
and that's a pretty nice haircut"

Well, it's done. Little Bird is officially 9 inches (of hair) lighter. There were actually a lot more people at the event that I had expected, which is a nice thing and it's nice to see so many people doing such a good thing. However, we did have to wait a little bit longer than I had planned to, which meant I had to entertain Little Bird! We spent a little time looking at other people getting their haircuts and talking about Little Bird getting hers done. Finally, it was Little Bird's turn and she suddenly lost her nice, calm demeanor. A very nice stylist measured and remeasured and remeasured her ponytail (since Little Bird kept pulling it out and walking away from her). We got the 9 inches all measured and ready to cut.

Okay, here we go.....

Deep breath....in....out....in... and.... SNIP SNIP!

Little Bird was so upset!! She hates having her hair brushed. So, I think having a comb run through her hair was more upsetting than the actual cutting. A very nice lady who was also donating her hair, took pictures for me while I held Little Bird's hands.

No, I am not on Facebook while she's getting a haircut. I'm simply putting a Dora episode on my iPhone in attempt to distract her!!

It's not working.....

After it was all over, they were still friends....

Front and back views

She is so adorable. I swear, she looks more grown up! I can't be sure, but I think after Little Bird, the hair stylist might be reconsidering her willingness to work with kids again!!!

Look how freaking cute this is!!

When it was all over, we were asked to write WHY we donated this hair.
In case you can't read that, it says "practicing random acts of kindness."


naomi glickfeld said...

I cried

Anonymous said...

I know Brodie was upset, but someday you can show her these pictures, and she will be able to see what a big, kind heart her Mommy has. You are a really good example for her. Love you both... Grandma

Anonymous said...

Wow! She looks great! And yes, more grown up--where does the time go? Weren't we just sleep-deprived new moms, talking about poop and breast feeding?? Love you guys!

Wendy Dorfman said...

So beautiful!!! COuld Brodie be any cuter?! What an amazing thing you both did!

lori b said...

well...at first i was just thinking, "what an amazing gift brodie is giving someone." now im thinking, "wow...she looks so cute with her shorter hair!" and btw...its still not even that short!!!!

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