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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Heaven on Earth

"Just like heaven"
-The Cure
This afternoon I had the rare opportunity to relax for a little bit in my gorgeous bedroom. I had a hot cup of my favorite tea, Constant Comment, and my new book, "Honolulu". The pillows were placed perfectly, the drapes were pulled just right to let in some sunshine and give me a view of the blooming trees in my yard. I read a few pages and sipped my tea. Ahhhh, this is heaven.
All the sudden, I got this weird feeling... I was lonely. I kinda wanted my little girl to come cuddle with me. However, in my fantasy, she just cuddles and doesn't talk constantly (careful what you wish for, by the way!). I also realized that if she came up, I'd probably have to endure the sounds of Dora, Pinky Dinky Doo, or even the cast of Sesame Street, which has come back into heavy rotation around these parts. So, I was suddenly fine being alone.
Of course, just then Greg and Little Bird come racing up the stairs and into my room. I asked "what are you doing in my heaven?" But that's when Little Bird jumped onto my bed and said "big hug! big hug!" It was heavenly after all...

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Anonymous said...

This is also my favorite time alone, even the Constant Comment, the book and looking out my window at anything that is flowering.

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