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Saturday, April 25, 2009

What color is your grass?

It's so cliche: the grass is always greener; it's all relative; you never know what goes on behind closed doors. 
It was almost 7 years ago that we moved from Los Angeles, CA to West Bloomfield, MI. When we did, my rabbi in LA gave me a list of people to contact. You might be thinking yeah right, like I'm really gonna call the people my rabbi referred me to. But you should know that I have a really cool rabbi. In fact, you can read his book and see just how cool he is. Anyway, I didn't make those calls. But, I did end up connecting with one of the people on the list. I started practicing yoga down the street from my new home and became very impressed with an instructor. One day when signing in to class I saw the instructor's name and a light bulb went off... OMG, his was one of the names on list! Crazy, right?! 
Anyway, so G and I became friendly with this instructor and his wife, also an instructor. They are both beautiful people and a lot of fun, too. It's really easy to look at them and get jealous. They are gorgeous, have amazing bodies, are well-liked, and they're yoga instructors, so you've gotta figure that they're like, totally spiritual and have it all together, right? Well, one day I asked her how long they've been married and she responded with a question: the first time or the second time? A-ha! So, they're NOT perfect! There are some skeletons and everyone's got something!! Of course, they are still married today, still beautiful, have healthy kids, etc. But I learned that you never REALLY know what details lie in someone else's story. 
I've had points in my life where if I wasn't me, I'd be jealous of me. I've lived great parts of my life. I've certainly endured some effed up parts too. Just for today, though, I feel like I can make it. I'm pretty comfortable with my side of the fence. The view from here is pretty green today. Can't tell what I'll feel tomorrow or even in 25 minutes, but for right now, this very moment, I'm okay.

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