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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Show us your pearly whites

"You're a big girl now"
-Bob Dylan
Today was Little Bird's first visit to the dentist. Most kids go much earlier than 4, but I've got other stuff going on and it's not been my priority. But, here we are ready for her first check up. I'm prepared for cavities, drilling, even extraction if necessary. This kid loves her apple juice. Or rather, what she thinks is apple juice, it's really one part juice and 25 parts water. She eats GF/CF pancakes with syrup every morning. Plus, she likes sweets which is further proof that she is my baby bird!
My first step was to find a dentist who takes our insurance, then I had to ask if they have experience with special needs. My friend Lisa F recommended Dr. Farooq who met both my musts! Plus, she's a mom of a kid with sp needs, and she gets it. She really gets it.
So, here she is in the chair. They won her over with stickers and a princess (gag) toothbrush to take home. Then came the tooth scraper with which the dentist looked for "bugs", the "tickling" tooth polish, and the dinosaur shaped floss. She was pretty cool until the floss part. That's when she got MAD!!
Surprisingly enough, the dentist made it through the exam with all 10 fingers still intact. She took some x-rays, and as soon as she told Little Bird it was all over, I saw my kiddo run out of the room faster than you can say orthodontia!!
Here she is after the exam showing off her choppers which have NO cavities!!!

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