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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Seeing Stars

"Headache, u can be such a headache"
My poor husband called me this afternoon to say that he'd started seeing stars and a migraine was coming on. Ugh. That means I won't make it out to my meeting tonight; won't really get to relax tonight because I'll be the only functional adult in the house taking care of little bird, a 25 pound overly-loving kitty, and now a 6'3" invalid. Oh, and did I mention that the air conditioner seems to be broken?? There's laundry to be folded. And the tenant in the condo is leaving so I need to figure out: try to lease it out to one family, or furnish it and offer it to families coming to town for therapies where Little Bird goes? And tomorrow is the big rally in our state's capital to pressure the legislature to offer insurance coverage to families with autism, and I wanna go but there's just no way I can make that happen since tomorrow I've gotta pick her up from school, shove food down her throat, then get to speech and ABA. I might try to get to Friendship Circle in there at some point to give a talk to the teachers bringing their sp needs students in for the morning; and telling them all about how they can get involved in Walk4Friendship. And I need to get these bushes pulled out behind the sun room because the blossoms attract these killer bees (they're really big and scary so I'm assuming they are killers). And....oy, now I'm the one with a headache!!

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