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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day... to ME!

"Hey Mama
I wanna scream so loud for you
'cause I'm so proud of you"
-Kanye West
Toot Toot! No, I'm not singing along to Midnight Train to Georgia... I'm tooting my own horn.
Last week we paid a visit to a neurologist that we've been seeing since Little Bird was 6 months old. In fact, our first visit with him was August 3, 2005. I will never forget that date because it was the first time that it was real: my baby was not like the other babies. So, we hadn't seen this doc for about a year and a half because we've been seeing other neurologists who specialize in neuromuscular stuff. This guy is more of an all around neuro guy. Ok anyway, so he spent some time with us last week and admitted that having seen her as an infant, he's very pleasantly surprised with her progress and presentation today. He didn't think she'd be where she is now. And you know what??? That's because of ME. It's because I'm such an amazing mommy, working my (small, toned) ass off, getting her the best therapies around, best doctors around, and never, ever giving up. I'm tough. Seriously, one tough b*tch. Little Bird is so lucky to have me and all my tenacity. Just as lucky as I am to have her and all her sweets. I mean, look how sweet this little pie has been:

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nicole said...

That is FANTASTIC and encouraging news. You are absolutely right... Brodie is lucky to have a caring and determined Mommy like you!

On another note.... I'm really enjoying your blog. You are a great story teller and writer. I don't comment much, but I do check back on a regular basis (even if it is during those late night feedings:)

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