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Monday, April 6, 2009

California Here I Come

"I miss you
I'm coming back home to the West Coast."
-Coconut Records
Yep. Going home to the West Coast for a little trip. Flying into LA, driving to Palm Desert for a few days, then back to LA for a few more. Spending loads of time with family and trying to fit friends in as well. It's so hard to see everyone and I want to. I really do. But, it's just impossible to fit it all in. So, my brilliant move.... Ice Cream Party!! It will be like an open house where people can stop in and spend a little time with us. We've done this a few times before. Usually a BBQ but I think ice cream is a fab idea. Plus, I could use a huge bowl of ice cream. Or two. 
It's really weird... when I'm here in Michigan, I refer to LA as home. But when I'm there, I suddenly feel like that's not home, and I start referring to Michigan as home. I'm certain that means I'm completely screwed up and have issues of never feeling completely secure anywhere or something like that. Going out to LA isn't a vacation for me. I call it a trip. It's still a lot of work. I'm still traveling with a kid with special needs, dealing with jet lag, and sometimes worse. I'm grateful to have parents and in-laws who love to play with my kid and indulge us all with our favorites. My mom doesn't even mind when I shake from overdosing on Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf espressos! I'll get to eat my mom's cooking and enjoy a seder with them, which I haven't done in years!! In LA, I'll try to eat at all my favorite places. However, I can't possibly answer all requests from my midwestern friends to "have a double-double for me", or I'll never fit into my pants on the plane ride home!! 
This is what I'm leaving behind in Michigan. Stay tuned, I'll be posting the whole way...
My girl eats free fruit in the Northwest/Delta lounge. Things just seem to taste better when they're free.
Here's my very spoiled child being very comfortable and watching Dora. Swiper NO swiping!
Behind my darling husband sits Slash who has aged surprisingly well, next to Tony Goldwyn. When G asked, I had to explain that he was the bad guy in "Ghost". 
After the long plane ride, the time spent getting a rental car, the TRAFFIC out to Palm Desert, we have ARRIVED!! Wait til you see pictures of the "resort" where we're staying. 
Relax, they're coming....

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lori b said...

im waiting for the updates!!!!! stop having fun and post!!!!!

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