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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This really bugs me!

"And all the little ants are marching"
-Dave Matthews Band
I was getting into my car yesterday afternoon and saw a little bug in the garage. I stepped on it. About 6 years ago I got on this Buddhist kick of not harming other living things, but then I became a mama bear so if anything could have possibly hurt my baby cub, it was being stepped on. So, I squished that guy. But then I turned around and saw his friend and his other friend and his other friend. That's when I realized that these bugs were using my driveway as their very own social networking site!!! They were swarming up the side of my house. I freaked out, ran back in the house and up the stairs: "Gregoryyyyyyyyyyyy." Convinced they were termites, we called a pest control person. I'm not great about taking things one step at a time, so I was already thinking about which hotels accept pets since we'd have to move out for a few days while they tent the house and exterminate the termites.  Greg captured two of them in a ziplock, which was not sufficient to me, so I made him double bag 'em. We looked online and became convinced they were definitely termites. It was hard to fall asleep last night since I was thinking of them crawling all over my walls, floors, and body. 
This morning I got a hold of the exterminator and she thought they sounded more like carpenter ants which do the same kind of damage as termites. I don't care what they are, I want them gone. I still see them scaling my walls and swarming to get me!! I can't wait until I know exactly what they are and know they are gone, and then throw away these double ziplocked guys on my counter.
UPDATE: The exterminator just left. They're Sand Ants. Totally harmless. I guess they come up from the sand between the concrete slabs on my driveway; the girls sprout wings and get ready to mate (so obv I was right about using my walls as a social networking tool). Sorry I totally ruined your hump season, little ants.  I hate the idea of using chemicals to kill them all even though the guy said it's harmless to humans and the little critters that run around outside my house (Hey, California folk: there really are critters all over the place here. More on that later). But, I guess they have to be sprayed because there's no "Anteater Rental" in the yellow pages. I checked.

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