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Friday, March 6, 2009

Sugar and Spice

"I'm Just A Girl"
-No Doubt
I've been worked up about poor messages going out to little girls and young women for a while. But, it all came to a head yesterday at Target. I was in the toy section and I found these gems. Parents, you can purchase these products for your little girls to teach them valuable lessons in life like:
Hair Extension Salon
Your hair is ugly and not good enough. You need extensions like Paris Hilton.
Diva Puppies
Dress and style your puppy like a diva!
A few weeks ago I was watching the Today Show, which I've started hating in the last year because it's such fluff and just so dumbed down. The three lead stories centered around 3 women: 
*Octo-mom: crazy single lady gives birth to 8 children while she already has 6 at home (er, make that her parents' home). Clearly this woman has NO SHAME.
*Bar Rafaeli is given the prestigious title of cover girl on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Her father's reaction: "I am the proudest dad in the world". Really? That's pride?
*Tot-mom not allowed to attend the memorial service of toddler she is accused of murdering (then going to compete in a wet t-shirt contest)
Where are the positive portrayals of women these days?? I have a daughter and I don't want her to grow up thinking that these behaviors are acceptable. We need better examples women for our little girls to look up to. Where are they? 
*A couple days ago, we learned that Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together despite the fact that he now faces felony charges for threatening to kill her and almost doing it! 
*Please don't get me started on the one thing that I've overheard EVERYONE talking about lately... The Bachelor. Now, I don't watch this show, but you'd have to be living under a freaking rock to have not heard the whole he-proposed-to-one-then-broke-up-with-her-on-TV-and-surprised-her-by-revealing-that-he'd-been-cheating-with-the-runner-up thing. Hey runner-up, here are a few things you know about this guy: 1) He went on TV to look for a wife and mother to his kid; 2) he dumped a girl and revealed that he had been lying to her... ON TV!!; 3) he already chose someone else OVER you!  Good luck to you both!!
I guess the marketing results are in and it's official: Skank is IN, because dude, even Dora is becoming a skank!


Laura said...

Hi, I linked here from my blog.

My take on Paris Hilton: she will come to epitomize everything that is tacky about the new millenium. Ten years from now, we'll regard hair extensions and fake and bake the way we currently regard the big hair and puffy clothes of the 80s - tacky, ridiculous looking, how could she not have known how stupid she looks???, etc.

Octo-mom should be committed. And fertility clinics should be regulated. (loaded proposition, but I think the time has come.)

no!!! not Dora!!!!

Laura said...

ps if you like feminism, LOL cats and special needs children, you must check out:


Heavy on the feminism and cats, light on the special needs.

lorib said...

ok...i wrote a blog on the whole barbie thing too!

kinda pathetic.

and i wrote something about dora too...but its not posted. ill have to get that one to you. :)

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