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Monday, March 9, 2009

Running in the Shadows

"I can still hear you saying 
We will never break the chain"
-Fleetwood Mac
Last night I saw Fleetwood Mac for maybe the tenth time. My husband is so sweet for indulging me by coming along and pretending to enjoy it even a quarter of the amount that I do. I was up on my feet, singing and twirling just as much as Miss Stephanie Nicks- all night long!! She was gorgeous as usual, and Lindsey Buckingham is a freaking guitar g-d. Seriously, I was amazed to see this band rock like they were 25. Mick Fleetwood could out-drum any drummer 30 years younger. 
I really hope Greg's arm has healed from all the times I dug in my nails in response to Stevie and Lindsey's longing gazes and that one time they came out onstage holding hands. OMG!! 
See, the whole blog isn't about Autism...

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